Parenting Reflections

A child’s interpretation of the world, and the relationships within, are often times expressed with greater insight and clarity than an adult might see.

Our question this month suggests you ask your child what a parent’s job is.  While the tasks are many, responses from blog participants acknowledged a similar response within each, “to take care of me”.

I think we would all agree the jobs of a parent are many, and at its core is the desire to nurture and care for our children.  Isn’t it wonderful to see children recognize this desire in us?

As you continue to ask your children about the jobs of a parent this month, encourage the conversation further by asking for additional information;

  • How do parents care for children?
  • What is your favorite meal shared with your parent?
  • Where do you like to go with your parent in our neighborhood?

All of these questions will allow your child to think more about a parent’s job and allow you the chance to continue to learn from them.  Please share your child’s comments, and your thoughts about our topic, through the comments section of the Parenting Reflections blog so that others may learn from your child and you.

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