About Us

Parenting with a long view in mind. Focusing on healthy parenting.

This blog is written by a group of experienced, thoughtful women. We will take turns sharing our thoughts with readers. The reflections may be triggered by something that causes us to say: Hmmm. Or Huh?  Or Wow!  It may be the result of our current parenting interest. Or it may be something we have previously written that calls to us.

Our goal is to share reflections that encourage thoughtful parenting.

We enjoy . . .

We enjoy playing with kids and working with parents. We enjoy each other’s company. We have each been around the block (or lake) at least once. We enjoy grappling with difficult ideas.  We each have a different background and viewpoint that makes discussions interesting.

Another thing we have in common is Parenting Press. We have each either written a book (or books) for Parenting Press, are writing a book for Parenting Press, or use many of the books published by Parenting Press. You can read more about some of these books in the books section, or even more at ParentingPress.com.

We’ve each been told, “That’s really interesting! You should write a blog.” And, although we all write, writing is secondary to our interest in parenting. None of us have wanted to go to the effort of starting and maintaining a blog on our own. So-o-o-o we’re are going to venture into blogland together.

Our beliefs

•  There are many good ways to parent.
•  Growth occurs in many small steps.
•  The parent is the first and most influential teacher of his or her child.
•  Children deserve parents who feel lovable and capable and whose own needs are met
•  The more alternatives parents consider, the more they will be able to find an effective strategy that works for the whole family.
•  Good parenting is important, and sometimes difficult, so parents need support and access to information about sound parenting practices.
•  Children deserve the opportunity to grow up in a loving, supportive environment.
•  You’re never too old to try new strategies.

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